Kunawiri Mimi

Kunawiri (v).

to blossom.


Mimi is a trauma-informed yoga teacher

(RYT 200) and Reiki (level 2) practitioner based in Harlem, New York.


Through a trauma-informed lens, her offerings focus on cultivating self-love and a sense of oneness among body, mind, and spirit. She is guided by intuition, loving-kindness, and Five-Element Theory – a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


When should you reach out?

There is no “right” time to reach out – everyone needs healing and all are welcome.

My offerings are about self-care and do not require anything to be “wrong”.

I find Reiki and yoga particularly supportive of: 

- Working through grief/loss of any kind

- Periods of transition

- Periods of loneliness

- Anxiety/depression 

- Insomnia/sleep disturbances 

- Pain management

- Chronic illness





kunawiri means to blossom in Swahili — my mother’s language.

My unwavering intention is to guide you in blossoming, coming home to yourself,

reconnecting to your inner light and a sense of wider interconnectedness.